Friday, March 2, 2012

Real Live Turkeys!

Have you ever been driving down the road daydreaming, and all of a sudden you are brought back to reality?  This has happened to me twice this week.  And it's all about seeing something out of place in your normal routine.

The first time this week I saw a flock of wild turkeys, my husband and I were driving down a busy four lane highway.  They were in a field about six feet from the edge of the road.  Then later this week, I noticed another flock of about twenty of these large birds.  They looked so out of place and they were indeed strutting about and around each other!

Now I am many times have I driven by them and not seen them?


  1. The scary thing is sometimes I don't notice. I guess it is because maybe because 'I'm thinking my own thoughts'. It's not always a good idea when I'm driving ! Fun writing for me to read on this Friday.

  2. I have been surprised this year at the many sightings I have had of turkeys and other wildlife as I drive. Am I more observant or are these animals more abundant? Most of my sightings have been in the country but just this past week I sighted two plump turkeys on the outskirts of Goshen. They certainly looked like their winter had been bountiful! Glad you're joining us!!

  3. I never see Wild Turkeys around home, but I always see them near my dad's house in Indiana. Something about the sight of them always makes me chuckle.