Sunday, March 4, 2012

Who Knows?

We recently found out we are again going to be Grandparents this September.  Our son and his wife are expecting!  This new baby will be joining a sister who will be three in August.

Many questions have be pestering my mind for the last several days.....

Boy or Girl?
How many pounds?
Will the baby become an engineer or a scientist or........?
What day will the baby be born?
Will everything be okay?
What will they name the baby?
What color will the hair be?
What color will the eyes be?
Will sibling rivalry start to exist upon birth?
Will we be there when the baby is born?
And last, but not least.....
What sort of quilt will I make?
What color?
What pattern?
What size?

Life is good!!


  1. How exciting! So many questions and only time will provide the answers. Enjoy every minute before (quilting) and after that baby arrives!