Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Color Purple

Last night the kids had supper at our house. As my husband took the Fiesta plates out of the cupboard he asked me, "who gets which color?" I told him to ask them which color they wanted. Beside him is short stuff silently jumping up and down and shouting "I want purple!" as he is asking her older sister which color she prefers....thankfully she did not say purple. After the plates are passed around with their cheery colors of orange, green, red, yellow, blue, rust, and turquoise and we share our meal together, I cannot help but remember my little girl who absolutely loved purple and probably would have liked that plate for herself. How endearing it is to see your children all grown up doing exactly what you would have done for them when they were young.


  1. If I knew you were going to make me all teary-eyed I'm not sure I would have set you up! (LOL.) How endearing to know maybe I can be as good a mom as you after all. Thanks for Slicing. I'm excited that you are FINALLY blogging. What a gift!Love you.

  2. Is this Ruth's mom? Ah, hah, she set you up, too. Congratulations on your colorful blog. You have given me inspiration for my next blog--the color red!!

  3. Now I see where Ruth gets her writing talent. Very touching slice!