Monday, March 14, 2011

One Little Word (Yeah, Right)!

My one little word for 2011 is perseverance. This is the third year I have chosen OLW. When I was contemplating perseverance for my word, it kept popping up during my daily activities and so I finally decided to choose it for my OLW. So when I was working on my new 2011 BOM (block of the month) I was thinking about how many things/activities in our lives can be achieved with just a little perseverance. The top block is the 2011 BOM and it has 45 pieces and by doing one step at a time it turned into a perfect 12 1/2" square. There will be 11 more (each one different) to follow. This one is a little 'out of my box' because it is batiks and I am more of a traditional quilter. But it has beautiful blues and is a line of fabric from Timeless Treasures. The theory is you buy the first block and if you bring it back completed then the next block is free.....and so on.

The bottom block is from a Civil War BOM for 2010 (each month has a charge for the kit). This block has 60 pieces. For the month this block is from there are 2 -1 2" blocks and 2 - 18" blocks. This year long project is not finished and it is a little (ha) more complicated. I made it through April (2010) and now when I go to my sewing room I find these blocks are multiplying when I am not watching. They have taken on a life of their own and I am not kidding! Some months there were 6-8 blocks for that month. I must have been out of my mind (in a good way) when I signed up for this endeavor. This is where perseverance comes in......I hope!


  1. Your work is beautiful & it's great you gave us photos to go with the writing. The words actually show some perseverance, step by step you did those pieces that turned into blocks, amazing blocks at that. The end is rather funny, but you still seem dedicated & ready to persevere! Good luck!

  2. I admire anyone who quilts. I have only tried a couple of different kinds. My favorite is the rag quilt--very simple but I found it relaxing when I was teaching! I made 9 of them!!!You have more perserverance than I do when it comes to difficulty.

  3. I think you're funny. Can't wait to see the Civil War quilt in its entirety. That'll be fun, right?

  4. Your blocks are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for posting the pictures. That, too, takes perseverance. So we'll be seeing the next BOM next month, right? :) Can't wait!