Sunday, March 13, 2011

Who Will Prevail?

Every day a war is waged just outside my kitchen window. Sometimes the war involves the demanding blue jays against any other bird that tries to eat from the feeder. At other times it is the bigger birds trying to chase the smaller birds away from the feast. The woodpeckers do a swell job of keeping non-woodpecker types away from the suet bar. But the grand prize goes to the persistent squirrels as they move in and sit directly in the trough of the feeder itself. Our son gave us an anti-squirrel feeder named The Yankee Flipper. Once my husband puts it up, we'll see who wins the war!!


  1. Now, our squirrels come up to the sliding glass door if we forget to put out the feed. They indeed are cheeky, but then so are the bluejays as you described. Nice to hear your observations--so, so right!

  2. I follow the activities of birds. So much goes on during the winter months when you see them all together. Spring and summer is watching them set up their nests, lucky if you have access to seeing the eggs then the babies. Love the name of the feeder--the Yankee Flipper!

  3. Boy, I understand this! I have the same war going on outside my patio door. I love that you wrote about this! I also thank you for your comments on my blog. You are so right about the first grandchild taking your breath away! It is such a neat experience! Thanks for your comment!