Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Saturday (so far)!

Today has been a wonderful day for me.....
I woke up with the love of my life.
I took my dog for a short walk.
We filled the bird feeders.
Both our kids called just to say hi.
We ate out for breakfast.
I crocheted while we watched I Love Lucy reruns.
I went to 'my room' and bonded with my sewing machine. (worked on my endless supply of BOM's)....block of the month blocks.
Cut out the borders for my 2010 BOM.
I am currently back on the couch with my feet up drinking a glass of iced tea and eating a bowl of popcorn with my dog beside me.
And we still have the evening to go.......


  1. It's so nice to count your blessings, & to say them with oomph! Nice words!

  2. Sounds like it has been a great day for all involved. Simple things make for the best of times.

  3. Wow, don't you live a pampered life, princess! :)

    Maybe I can show you how to post pictures on Sunday. You won't believe how easy-peesy it is. Just ask anyone. ;)

  4. I am glad that your day has been going so well. It was also a reminder about how much parents look forward to their children's phone calls. Sometimes I don't call my parents quite enough when I get so busy with school!